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Alcohol-free drinks don’t have to be boring, that’s why we created Afria. Afria is a refreshing
blend of fruits and bitters inspired by the Nigerian Chapman Cocktail.

Chapman is certainly a drink for the sweet palette, but we understand the importance of healthier options for both alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers, so we have adapted this traditional drink into a healthier alternative with reduced sugar by combining spring water, natural fruit juices, stevia and bitters to achieve a balanced taste and no compromise on flavour.

A-Free-Ah of any preservatives or nasties, this refreshing natural mix with spring water is a perfect alternative for alcohol at any occasion and will transport your taste buds to West Africa where the original Chapman was founded. Afria is Chapman at its best!

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The Low/No alcohol market is booming in the UK with 1 in 5 adults switching to alternatives. Current global implications such as COVID-19 have encouraged consumers more than ever to focus on their health, so much so that 42% agree that lowering that intake is better for their mental wellbeing. Consumers are now choosing to drink from home out of ease for government guidelines, the market is switching to pre-made drinks packed with flavours as alcohol retailers saw a +20.4% growth in sales, helped by the switch to in-home alcohol consumption (MINTEL 2020).

According to recent studies, Consumers are constantly searching for authentic brands with genuine history in an increasingly global and dynamic marketplace- the story of Afria being a non-alcohol mocktail called the Chapman originating from Nigeria is one that our target market will be sure to buy into.

Why Afria Drinks?

Because we take refreshment to a whole new level.

fruit and sparkling spring water

Afria is a refreshing seltzer of fruit juices, bitters, and sparkling spring water.

Flavour explosion

Great for any celebratory occasion, our light, crisp and refined taste explodes flavour that dances on your taste buds

Natural and tasty

Juicy guava flavour explosion without preservatives or any other nasties.

Bring the quality

Afria drinks will transport your taste buds to West Africa where the original Chapman was created.


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